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About The Designer

Candice Lyseight

Candice Lyseight is the founder and designer at Marie Worthy Collections, where she works to inspire and encourage all that wear a MWC jewelry by creating pieces that influence positive self-images and subtle reminders of the value of the human spirit.  
As a recent entrepreneur she has quickly learned the benefits of amplifying her creative skills within retail, entertainment, and business strategy. Candice has been connected to the entertainment industry for over 15 years and couples her passion for the industry with her professional career as a Human Resources Specialist. Although, none of these industries scream jewelry designer, as a proud graduate of Howard University, she understood the essential necessity to be resourceful and creative when trying to fill a void.
Following graduation, Candice quickly left her hometown of Pittsburgh and moved to the big apple where she performed under bright lights and many stages across the nation.  Her journey allowed her to develop a talent of connecting with people through the lens of music, compassion, and consistency.  This set of skills, coupled with her faith, fueled her search to support people with never feeling isolated or undervalued when dealing with traumas that life places before you. Jewelry designing and inspirational speaking became her vehicle of choice to reach other human beings that desire support and encouragement during those difficult times in life. Her brand stands by "Despite your journey, you are Worthy."

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